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Blue Nude ~ Slow Fashion Brand - Studio Cosmogram

Studio Cosmogram is a London-based visual design studio headed by France-born Coline L’Achiver. Having a fascination with signs, semiotics, and symbolism, Studio Cosmogram is defined by Coline’s ability to add complexity, dimension, and depth to the most simple of graphic shapes. Her work is a modernization of op art, with an influence of mysticism.

Coline L’Achiver is a graduate of Normandy’s ESAM Caen’s Print & Graphic Design program, as well as Marché de l'Art et des Antiquités (BA) at Université Paris- Est.

Coline L’Achiver moved to London in 2013 and established herself amongst the community of creatives at Hackney Downs Studios. She’s collaborated on design and branding projects across a wide range of fields, from fashion to spatial design, for clients such as MatchesFashion, Ana Lumack (formerly ALOH STUDIO), and Correspondence Astrale.


Blue Nude: When did your artistic journey begin - how did you discover your love of the arts?


Coline L'Achiver:  My grandmother and great aunt were humble painters and early childhood memories of typical afternoons with them resonate with the smell of serpentine and conversations about flowers and colours in the garden.

As a child, I could get lost looking at images of paintings in my mother’s art books. A big pride was my school poetry book which included a copy of a famous lion and jungle scene by Douanier Rousseau, and illustrations of poems by Arthur Rimbaud and Alfred de Musset.

BN: What artists are currently inspiring you?

CLA: There are many! Here are a few of the ones recurrently orbiting around my mind: Monet, Seurat, Odilon Redon, William Blake, David Hockney, Helen Frankenthaler, Lee Krasner, Bridget Riley, Yoko Ono, Victor Moscoso, Robert Mapplethorpe, Eddie Ruscha, Escher, and Rioji Ikeda.

BN: What themes do you like to explore with your art?

CLA: Abstract and raw impressions, dreams, dichotomy, illusion, perception of reality, archetypes and symbolism.

BN: What do you consider unique about your approach to design?

CLA: Mmmh I don’t know if it’s unique but may I suggest an archeological/archival approach? I have this untameable need for knowledge and meaning, so I always end up diving deep into archives and symbols.

BN: What is your favourite colour?

CLA: Blue.

BN: How does music play a role in your art? What are you currently listening to?

CLA: Music plays the leading role in my life hence in my art. I’m always listening and browsing, digging for new soundscapes. I currently have four playlists related to our collaboration which ultimately serve as a catalyst in my work process. I’m particularly fond of weird, spacey, distorted and gritty tones with raw beats, though I don’t mind some ethereal waves and sugary Pop from time to time. Depending on the mindset, genres I love include krautrock, cosmic jazz, ambient, early 1990s rave electronic, chicago house, disco, soul, prog, fourth world, experimental, early blues, punk rock, etc.

BN: What is something unexpected that inspires you?

CLA: The I Ching.

BN: How does the natural world inform your work?

CLA: Observation of patterns and geometry in nature’s composition, rhythms in cycles, harmony of colours, and all the feelings associated with it.

BN: How have you found the process of creating art for use on clothing?

CLA: Very inspiring, I’ve always wanted to work with fabric and clothing so this experience has opened the gates to a new world. Thank you Blue Nude!

BN: What's next for you on your creative adventure?

CLA: Well, I very recently started screenprint so this is going to be an important focus. It’s the perfect practice to develop all the ideas around patterns and graphics that have been lurking in the shadows during Studio Cosmogram’s construction. I have many more projects in mind and I look forward to more exciting collaborations.





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Blue Nude ~ Slow Fashion Brand - Studio Cosmogram

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