Introducing Saturna

Blue Nude ~ Slow Fashion Brand - Saturna


Saturna is our second slow fashion and art series, inspired by the mystery of the Pacific Northwest.

At once moody, peaceful, and free-spirited, the Pacific Northwest is a landscape of mixed emotion and terrain. Consisting of the Canadian province of British Columbia and US states such as Washington and Oregon, this part of the world is home to wild mountains, misty rainforests, and the hypnotizing Pacific Ocean. The light is different here, creating a haze that turns these dynamic pieces of the environment into simple shapes: mountains become layered waves of blue, the sea and the sky blend into one another, and the forest abstracts into a tangled mass of dark green.

This part of the world inspires interesting emotional reactions in human beings: some feel free in their disconnect from the wider world, while others feel it balances their connective equilibrium, strengthening their respect for both the natural world and human connection.

We teamed up with Leeds based multimedia artist Jamie House, who has spent time in Canada's Pacific Northwest. Jamie's desire to experiment led to his exploration of ceramic and glass paints on paper which, when coming in contact with each other, react in unpredictable ways. The reactions were then digitally scanned and further deconstructed to create abstract references to the colours and elements of the Pacific Northwest Landscape.

As well, Jamie inserted his signature symbols into many of his artworks, all originally done in ink with a Japanese bamboo calligraphy brush. Each symbol has meaning which is in harmony with the free-spirited nature of the Pacific Northwest: a heart, representing love and music; a spiral, symbolizing the endless inner journey; and an eye, signifying the balance between intuition and mind.


Symbols by Jamie House


The Saturna collection is a decidedly darker psychedelia - rainy blues, forest greens, and earthy browns are printed and knitted across chunky merino wools, organic drill cottons, and lustrous silk.

All of Saturna's pieces pay respect to this captivating part of the world, and to the master of beauty herself, our mother earth.


Textures on the shoreline in British Columbia, Canada.

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