'Nebulous Realms' Exhibition at Hackney Downs Studios (November 2023)

Blue Nude ~ Slow Fashion Brand - Nebulous Realms Art Exhibition Hackney Downs Studios


We're celebrating the launch of our Tarantula Collection with Nebulous Realms, a month-long art exhibition at Hackney Downs Studios.

Nebulous Realms is a multidisciplinary show bringing together two artists, Lea Rose Kara and Studio Cosmogram, the featured collaborators of Tarantula. The collection is inspired by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope and the three great mysteries - creation, infinity, and oblivion - of which the answers lie in cosmic exploration. Lea and Studio Cosmogram's works in the exhibition have been created as an extension of our design collaboration.

Exhibition on display until December 3rd, 2023.


Nebulous Realms Exhibition - November 3rd - December 3rd, 2023

Monday - Sunday, 9 am - 8 pm

Hackney Downs Studios

17 Amhurst Terrace


E8 2BT

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