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Blue Nude - Slow Fashion Brand ~ MET


MET is a figurative and surrealist artist based in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. Self-taught, MET has an intuitive feel for colour and applications of paint. He often uses water in his work, lending a softness that alludes to the subtle disorder of the natural world.


Blue Nude: When did your artistic journey begin - how did you discover your love of painting?

MET: My artistic discovery began as early as I can remember. Luckily, my mother is a self-taught artist. She taught me a lot of techniques, from molding clay to sketching. It wasn't until my early 20s when I truly fell in love with painting. I started with watercolour, where I developed my love for watered-down acrylic paintings.


BN: Who are your favourite artists?

MET: There are so many! Leonardo Da Vinci, Frida Kahlo, and Salvador Dali will forever influence my artistic expression. Current artists that continue to surprise me are Paul Weiner, Kris Kuksi, and my mom, Aquina Denis.


BN: What are themes you like to explore with your art?

MET: Moody - mysterious - stillness - dreamscape - whimsical - haunting.


BN: What is your favourite colour?

MET: Prussian blue.


BN: What is your favourite song to paint to?

MET: This changes all the time. Right now it's Gathering of Ancient Tribes by Goat.


BN: What is something unexpected that inspires you?

MET: Frozen (real) banana peels all twisted in different forms.


BN: How has the natural world informed your work?

MET: Greatly, and in ways I wouldn't even know. The elements - earth, wind, fire, and water - continue to inspire my artistic rhythm. Growing up in the Rocky Mountains definitely gave me a deep appreciation for nature and beauty.


BN: How have you found the process of creating art for textiles?

MET: It's been an exciting journey, full of collaborative inspirations and learning experiences with Blue Nude. The complexity of when art meets textiles is very intriguing and eye opening.


BN: What is something new you'd like to explore with your art?

MET: Definitely more digital exploration, and mixed media. I've also been gravitating towards oil pastels lately as I love the texture.


BN: Do you find your art has hidden meaning, and if so, is this premeditated or does it come through your subconscious?

MET: Definitely subconsciously, especially when I'm creating a surrealist piece. It's interesting to see what lurks in our minds. Whenever I do a piece that's premeditated, the style tends to be different. Yes, there's hidden meanings however they're quite sacred, for now. ;)


You can follow MET's artistic adventures on his website or Instagram, @mitchelledwardtoews.



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