We are driven by the belief that creative expression and environmental compassion are capable of coexisting - to create in the 21st century is to do so responsibly. Our business is an opportunity not only to create art and support creatives, but to promote sustainable solutions in design.

Note ~ specific sustainability information relating to each of our products is detailed in our product descriptions and in our journal.


ESG Sponsorships


We are proud supporters of Berlin-based non-profit Drip by Drip

Their work and vision for sustainable reform in the fashion industry is closely aligned with our long-term goals for Blue Nude.

Drip by Drip implements practical aid in manufacturing hubs of developing countries, such as installing water filtration systems and providing mobile medical units in Bangladesh, giving garment workers access to clean water and healthcare.




All of our products are designed at our studio in East London.

We prioritize local manufacturing and suppliers with social responsibility initiatives.

Our manufacturing partners:

Fabrika: A small-batch manufacturer based in South London, specializing in high-end production. A fellow female-led business, we have watched our companies grow together over the years, side by side.

London Sewing Services: A small-batch manufacturer based in North London, specializing in high-end production. They work with many emerging and established designers across the city.

Adamley: A GOTS-certified manufacturer of silk products in Langley, UK. Located in the English countryside, Adamley sources water from its own reservoir. They are dedicated to improving their manufacturing facilities to reduce their environmental impact, from installing a high-efficiency burner in their boiler room to replacing their roof to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency. To promote waste-free solutions, we print only on their deadstock silk.

Manusa: An artisan social cooperative based in Tuscany, Italy. 'Manusa' in sanskrit means 'human'. As a social cooperative Manusa hires and trains socially fragile people to encourage rediscovery of personal creative skills while preserving local artisan craft in their area of Italy.

KOCO: Knit One Change One: An all-female collective based in the rural area of Tamil Nadu, India. KOCO aims to promote gender equality and financial independence for women and their families. They offer not only full-time employment for women, but also education in English and mathematics.

KOCO is B Corp certified demonstrating their commitment to high social and environmental standards. They were also a finalist in the 2020 Outstanding Leadership Awards and a 2019 honouree for B Corp's 'Best for the World Businesses' Community category.


Blue Nude is committed to fulfilling its legal obligations to suppliers, paying fair wages, and supporting workers rights in the garment industry.




We prioritize the use of natural, organic, recycled, deadstock, waste-sourced, and bio-fabricated materials. Waste is of a large concern to us - we keep our fabric scraps and are avid recyclers.

Our brand, size, and care labels are from an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified weaver based in Wales.

Specific details regarding material composition can be found in our product descriptions or in our journal.




We understand ecommerce-driven waste creation is a huge problem for the environment. We've prioritized recycled, compostable, lightweight (to create less carbon emissions during transit), and environmentally-certified packaging solutions.



Our apparel products are shipped in a 100% compostable mailer. After removing the shipping labels, your mailer will decompose after six months in a household compost, or after three months in a commercial compost, leaving no harmful residues behind. Our stickers are also compostable as they are printed with soy-based inks.

Our tissue paper is made of 100% recycled pulp and our comp cards are printed on FSC-certified paper.


A4 Fine Art Prints

Our A4 prints are shipped in recycled cardboard. The acid-free protective tissue paper and card backing are recyclable.

You can recycle the entirety of your A4 print packaging - even the shipping label and tape.

To recycle the bubble wrap, please pop all of the bubbles. Confirm with your local recycling depot that they accept bubble wrap as this is not universal.


A2 Fine Art Prints

Our A2 fine art prints are shipped in a cardboard tube made of 100% recycled fibreboard. Both the fibreboard and the plastic ends can be recycled. The acid-free protective tissue paper is also recyclable.

You can recycle the entirety of your A2 print packaging - even the shipping label and tape.

To recycle the bubble wrap, please pop all of the bubbles. Confirm with your local recycling depot that they accept bubble wrap as this is not universal.


Our Future

The world of sustainability is exciting and quickly evolving. A revolution in bio-fabricated materials is on the horizon and the ability to be a sustainable business has never been so accessible. Blue Nude strives to embrace developments in materials, certification, and human welfare as they come to market. 

Sustainability is a moving target, not a set goal, and we are dedicated to constant improvement and education in this area.