Creative Process ~ Passiflora Miniskirt

Blue Nude ~ Slow Fashion Brand - La Lueur Colour Palettes in Susan Protsack's Studio


The Passiflora Miniskirt is the first release of our slow fashion collection La Lueur. It's a flirty piece - midrise and comfortably short.

Done in a custom-printed cotton & hemp blend, it has a do-anything and wear-anywhere durable feel. We see this piece as a year-round style - it can be worn with bare legs in the summer and styled with tights in the winter.

The skirt's artwork, painted by collaborating artist Susan Protsack, is an ode to the beautiful pastels of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and a reflection of early morning light. These colours are seen in the region's passion flowers, as well as in the lavender skies of the Cap Ferret peninsula.


Blue Nude ~ Slow Fashion Brand - Lavender Skies in Cap Ferret

Lavender skies in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.


Susan's take on these colours is contemporary and abstract, created with acrylic paint on canvas. The colours seem to be in motion, a reflection of a quick-changing sky casting itself upon the reflection of water.


Blue Nude ~ Slow Fashion Brand - Passiflora Prototype Artwork in Susan Protsack's Studio

A Passiflora artwork prototype in Susan Protsack's studio.


Passiflora's fabric is a blend of cotton and hemp fibres. Weaving hemp into fabric provides it with many positive attributes. The more you wash and wear it, the softer it becomes. Hemp is also adaptable to the weather - breathable in the summer, but also able to provide warmth in cooler temperatures. Hemp also has anti-bacterial properties.

Our digital printing supplier is based near London, in the meadows of the Cotswolds. All waste fabric from the printing process is recycled by specialists, who shred the fabric and use the fibre as bioenergy.

Each skirt is manufactured at a North London based small-batch production studio. The studio specializes in high-end production, working with many emerging and established designers and brands in the city.

The Passiflora Miniskirt can be purchased here.


Blue Nude ~ Slow Fashion Brand  - Plage Button-Up Shirt and Passiflora Miniskirt

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