Creative Process ~ Sol Silk Scarf

Blue Nude ~ Slow Fashion Brand - James Watkins
Beginning his work for the Vida Privada collection, artist James Watkins mounted two large canvases to his studio walls. The largest was dedicated to the serenity of privacy and the smaller second canvas sensuality.
James' 'serenity' canvas (unfinished) in his Escandón, Mexico City studio.
The 'serenity' canvas is joyous, with yellows, blues, and whites throughout. Like sunlight beaming from the sky, the painting is lifting. With the painting's grand scale, you are confronted with all the simple things that bring you joy - flowers, sunlight, a palm tree. It is reminiscent of how you feel when you take a moment from your busy life to smell a flower, or a peaceful moment alone in the privacy of your garden. We became enraptured with one section of the painting, in which a circular line cuts through panes of yellow and blue, like an orb of sunshine. Green fingers of Mother Earth and a flower petal reach upwards from the bottom. It reminded us of the vivid colours we saw in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Vivid colours on the streets of Oaxaca City, Mexico.
The thought of printing this piece of sunshine on silk and tying it around our necks made us feel happy and excited, and thus we immediately selected it for our Sol Silk Scarf.
At 65 x 65 cm, the scarf is larger than a traditional square. It's a versatile size and can be worn tied at the neck, in the hair, attached to a handbag, or as a top.
Our manufacturer, Adamley, is based in the countryside of Macclesfield, England and has been printing on silk for over 50 years. They're certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), ensuring their fabrics are produced ethically and in fair working conditions. Their silks contain at least 95% organic fibres and are free from any potentially toxic chemicals.

After being cut and printed in England, the hems are rolled by hand in France.

Silk is a natural fabric and biodegradable, though it is worth noting traditional silk production kills silkworms in the process.


You can purchase our Sol Silk Scarf here.



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