Introducing Vida Privada

Blue Nude ~ Slow Fashion Brand - Casa Gilardi by Luis Barragan


 Vida Privada is Blue Nude's collection for the SS24 season. Translating to 'private life', it represents a balance between two sides of private spaces - sanctity and sensuality. 

After the success of our Chame collection, expressionist painter and collaborator James Watkins invited us to return to Mexico and for a collection inspired by the country. It would mark the first collection where the inspiration was researched entirely on-location, in Mexico City and the artisanal hub of Oaxaca.

Across two trips to Mexico City, we became intrigued by storied architect Luis Barragán and the emphasis he placed on privacy in his designs.

Barragan's priority within design was to create homes that would become inner sanctuaries for their inhabitants. He avoided excessive use of exterior glass windows, then commonplace for contemporaries in the United States' modernist architecture movement, to instead create a central interior focus on his homes. Windows were used to frame nature inside the homes and their gardens, creating organic views without sacrificing seclusion to the eyes of the outside world.

Despite the lack of exterior windows, Luis' homes do not feel claustrophobic or dark. They are temples to inner life, light, and sanctuary behind closed doors.

It was inspiring to experience the peacefulness of his homes amongst the bustle of contemporary Mexico City. Whereas other architects of the organic architecture movement framed nature outside of the home, his designs were forward-thinking in their anticipation of modern-day life in cities where nature is not always in abundance and land is scarce.

During our research in Mexico, we observed a duality in its culture. There exists an intriguing balance of sanctity and sensuality in the presentation of public and private life. The architecture in Mexico City, with its strong facades, has a focus on internal life behind its walls. Frida Kahlo's Casa Azul, with its wall-like facade and central courtyard, reflects vibrant inner life. It was in this courtyard Frida and her guests could enjoy the freedom of privacy to discuss their radical ideas and enjoy experimentation away from the conventions of mainstream Mexican society. Even in the streets of Mexico City, the heavy canopy of trees creates a natural shield for residents on the second and third floors of its buildings.

Working with James on the collection's original artwork, duality was represented in two large canvas paintings affixed to the walls of his Escandón, Mexico City studio. The largest is a joyful explosion of colour and positivity. It transmits feelings of solace, peace, and happiness found in our inner lives. In contrast, a secondary painting was made with darker themes. Sharper lines and deeper colours transmit the energy of the sensual side of privacy.

In colours, the Mexican environment is reflected through dark cochineal red, volcanic stone grey, and agave green. These colours are explored across artisan-woven fabric, sumptuous Tencel-linen blends, and summer knitwear.

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