La Lueur

Blue Nude ~ Slow Fashion Brand - Passiflora Miniskirt & Plage Organic Seersucker Button-Up in Seashell White


La Lueur, French for 'the glow', is a slow fashion collection inspired by the light of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Located in France's southwest, the region's diverse culture and aesthetic is unified by its take on relaxed glamour. It contains the esteemed wine region of Médoc, the beach-chic elegance of the Cap Ferret peninsula, and bohemian influence of Northern Basque culture. 

La Lueur represents Nouvelle-Aquitaine's light and colours throughout different periods of the day. It begins with dawn's first light appearing on the water, moving to late morning's highlight of L'Herbe's vibrant flowers, afternoon’s scorching sands of Medoc's beaches, dusk’s tidal energy of the ocean, and ending in a magnificent storm over the Atlantic Coast.

La Lueur's prints were created in collaboration with mixed media artist Susan Protsack. Her technical knowledge of art and desire to experiment led us to try some new techniques within the collection development process. Experimenting with everything from creating flower petal shapes with bok choy dipped in paint, to outlining dismembered portions of Matisse's 'Blue Nudes' series, we settled on decorating large swathes of linen with textile spray paint and blocked out stencils. Susan's innate ability to layer texture with paint was utilized in a hypnotic acrylic on wood depiction of the Atlantic Ocean. A delicate expression of dawn's first light was explored in a deep blue and purple work on canvas, digitally printed across cotton and hemp slub.

Nouvelle-Aquitaine is a pleasant surprise; its sophistication lies within its ability to be laid-back, a juxtaposition of the formalities of France's mainstream image. It embodies all the ideals of an elegant, glamorous, and natural Europe.

Released for SS23.

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