Introducing Sonoran

Blue Nude ~ slow fashion brand - White Sands National Park


Sonoran ~ our slow fashion and art series exploring the colours, landscape, and architecture of the American Southwest.

New Mexico, Arizona, and the high desert of California are places of great creative and spiritual energy. Legendary artists such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Georgia O'Keeffe, and The Doors all formed deep-rooted connections to the landscapes of this region.

We used these artists, as well as our personal experiences and photographs from road trips through the desert, to serve as a jump-off point for the collection. Colours, tones, and shapes of the region all served as focal inspirations for the fabric, colours, and artwork of our pieces.

After designing our initial sketches, we collaborated with Canadian surrealist artist MET, integrating his acrylic and digital art into our product design. The colours and technique of his art translated into fabrics with dreamy gradients and references to the mirage. Sun-burnt oranges, sandy beige, and big-sky blue all played a central role in our colour palette.


"All the earth colours of the painter's palette are out there
in the many miles of badlands..." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe
In a landscape so barren, colours pop and shapes overpower to offer an artistic dream to those who are open to see.
Blue Nude - Slow Fashion Brand ~ White Sands National Park



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